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• 8/20/2014

Midnight Howl!

It was a creepy dark night Junior was frightened Emma tried telling him are you scared little buddy i I'm scared ah! Bob said Emma what's wrong with Junior he's scared will the 4 pals survive Bob w w w what are those Larry said in fright those are big huge crocodile gators who eat us! Yikes!!! If we don't get outa here Emma Emma?! We'll be fine what If if those crocodile gators eat us don't worry Emma we're right here for you once Laura and Junior got a little scared when we at cr cr crocodile swamp we try calming them down saying we're right here they felt a lot better ok I really don't feel scared I'm not scared

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• 8/20/2014

Bob!! Larry totally screamed we're about to get eaten aw Bob you rescued us

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