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• 7/1/2015

Midnight midnight howl!

It was getting dark Nina Clea Sophie were walking Clea heard a chomp chomp sound oh my goodness what was that sound it was crocodiles Clea what does your creature book say about crocodiles it says crocodiles could really bite bite! Guys it's ok oh alright don't be scared we're are we were in crocodile swamp ah ah oh no! I wish I was back home Clea said Junior hushes the girls with a lullaby

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• 11/14/2015

Clea cowers away from Junior, her heart beating fast. Sophie gives one look at Junior, shrieks at the top of her lungs, and pushes herself off the ground, running for her life.

Nina glares at Junior, her forehead creased. "Don't touch my friends," she growled. "If you do, you're dead."

Junior stares at them all, a grin spreading across his face. "Dearest girls," he purred. "Why would I harm you?" He smiled again, slyly. 

Clea sighs slowly and regains her energy. Nina's glare softens but a look of suspicion crosses her face. Clea looks at Nina, and steps closer to Junior. Nina doesn't move.

Junior grins wider, showing his peculiar teeth. With that, he lunges.

Straight for Clea.

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