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• 9/11/2015

Disney Descendants!

Laura and Izzy ran of to horror lake Laura? Lenny called but Laura didn't answer Lenny and Jake told Bob and Larry what happened to Izzy and Laura but Lenny wanted to find his sister don't worry Lenny Laura is my sister I'm supposed watch out for her Lenny said Bob and Larry told Lenny and Jake we"re gonna find them for you
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• 9/11/2015
Rack said leave my friends alone Maleficent really you can't battle me Daniel said no rack don't fight Maleficent rack said I'm going to protect you guys I don't want you guys to hurt yourself Rack decided to fight Maleficent so Rack used his sword to slay the dragon I won guys how did that fight go with Maleficent Joseph asked rack it went well I beat that dragon rack you're a hero you saved us from the dragon
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