God as a Father

God had children of his own Joy and Leo God loved them dearly God told his children never go to the Underworld! Satan will toture you Joy screamed Ah! Laying under her cover God came into Joy"s room he asked Joy what was wrong Joy told her dad Satan would scare her God said to Joy I am your dad and I'll always protect you and your brother from Satan One day Joy and Leo were in the UnderWorld! Satan saw Joy and Leo and laughed hey I know you you're Gods children? Um yeah we are Leo said Um Joy we should run but Satan stopped them You're not going anywhere! Why not? Because I toture you! Satan! God roared If you ever hurt my children again! Joy started crying aw it's ok Joy don't cry God said I'm scared! Sh Joy it's ok I'm here Satan won't hurt you ok I won't let him because I love you and you're my daughter