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Good morning mrs Z it's a great morning! Because at the end of the week we will go on our fathers and sons field trip! You'll have a picnic paint time and water fun with your dads tomorrow ok sons and fathers it's t for the father and sons singalong Mrs Z-M would you like to go first? M-when I was three the dark scared me N-I took him out for tea fathers -Iggly wholly woo we love our boys boys-Iggly wholly woo we love our dads Adam-I didn't have a friend so God made a friend for me fathers-Iggly wholly woo we love our boys boys-Iggy wholly woo we love our dads now sons and fathers it's time for a water ride daddy! Isaac said row faster of course anything for my little son mrs Z-can anyone tell me what that animal is? M-it's a lizard crocodile half lizard and half crocodile mrs Z-very good M N-good job son giving his son a high five S-you know what would be really fun? M & N-a singalong I was gonna say the same thing M-I felt left out because S and dad did stuff together N-I had fun with my three sons today N-Iggly wholly woo I love my sons boys -Iggly wholly woo we love our dad N and boys-Iggly booly gooly bolly boys-dad! Boys laughed ha ha

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